What is the difference between price and value?


We want it, we hate it, we like it, we have it, we lack, it does not make ambitious, we frustrates, makes us feel powerful or miserable, gives us peace of mind, worries us. Is divine and evil. Blessed and cursed. Profane and sacred.

What is it?


  • The Money.


Giorgio Armani once said, referring to his childhood that his family had been very poor, but that, despite this, his parents had an elegant and rich soul. The mother sewed him and his brother’s custom clothes to go to school, with scraps of cloth. Conversely, at school everyone thought they were from a rich family because of their appearance and behavior. I bring this story because, coming from a man who has understood the attitude as a wealth and quality as a product, this experience is a great lesson.

The amount of contradictory emotions around money creates ambiguity. Not being enough that the value of money is relative, our relationship with it is drastically ambivalent, and this affects all of us.

I have asked myself a hundred times if it is this false, banal and artificial relationship that Avoid understanding the value of what we do with it.

Our daily relationship with money, in addition to defining ourselves, determines our style of lifetime. For this reason, it cannot be treated as if it were the inadequate relative that is the shame of the family. When we see beyond the price, we can start considering its value.

The American philosopher of Russian origin, Ayn Rand, wrote:

“Money demands of you the highest virtues,” she wrote in Atlas Shrugged. Yet her view seems incongruous in light of the moral shortcomings of certain businessmen, wealthy heirs, and corporations. In Atlas Shrugged, one of the heroes, Francisco d’Anconia, gives a speech on the meaning of money. In it, he says: “The words ‘to make money’ hold the essence of human morality.” His reason is that one makes money through production and trade. And that is the noblest way to live: as a producer who creates value and then gains values of others through voluntary exchange.

The price should define the quality and value what you offer, and not your financial need as a producer the value brings wealth to the need.


Cambia la percepción y establece una relación con el dinero entendiendo que el valor le aporta riqueza a la necesidad.

How to define the price of your products or services?

  1. First, define the value you bring to your consumers.
  2. Choose quality. Use the best raw materials, employ the best processes, and with that you will already have an honest and good result.
  3. Strive to offer real and sincere attention to your consumers.
  4. Put a price that is the result of the value you bring and the quality that you put in your products.


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