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In recent years many brands, including personal ones, strive to approach their audience in a personal way through the virtual world. Through their web pages and their social networks they make huge and constant efforts to win followers and subscribers, but some of them are currently neglecting the value of proper interaction with those they have struggled to achieve.

What happens when you do not take interaction with followers seriously?

  • It creates a feeling of abandonment and loneliness.
  • Loss connection.
  • Loss followers.
  • Loss buyers.
  • Loss clients.


When your company offers a channel to contact like phone numbers, mailing address, contact forms, emails, you have to be prepared to attend each of the questions, doubts, complaints, comments and even greetings that can be sent by anyone. It is necessary to correspond to the interaction with professionalism, seriousness and responsibility.

Today I tell you about a brand that I have faithfully followed since its inception and that has all the characteristics to be respected for its originality and creativity. Its concept has managed in a very short time to position itself and to grow.
I am sure that with the work of their qualified team they have built a unique business model, but from their own professional experience they have made me see that behind the wonderful curtain, apparently there are not the people who claim to be. I have written a professional proposal twice to the channels they make available, and I have waited for a period of two months in which I have not received any short, long, automatic or personal response, or any signal that communicates interest or disinterest. This circumstance, for whatever reasons, has left only a very clear message in me: there is no one to give a face, and my message is not beneficial to the brand.

We are all busy trying to win our projects, seeking to win customers, selling our products, multiplying the money, but the growth of a venture is not only to earn more, but to create the necessary base to keep growing, and this is only achieved investing.

Without a public that follows and buy, you can not keep any business model. Investing in your audience means treating them well, meeting their needs and being there for them. 

If your business is growing and you are overflowing communication, it is important:

  1. Recognize that you can not leave people waiting.
  2. Admit that you need help.
  3. Find someone to do what you and your team can not do.


Nowadays there are many ways of not forsaking customers.

Here I speak of 10 great details that make the difference and create credibility.

  1. The first and most important is to define a management of care and treatment to the client, where you establish the tone of communication (formal, informal, close, distant, colloquial, official) and how you can assist them: how to solve problems, complaints, etc.
  2. The person who manages the emails and communication of your company must have certain natural attributes such as help, good disposition. He should also be resolutive, proactive /, have good memory and be able to efficiently manage the time-workflow ratio, without falling apart.
  3. The right attitude is the most important thing, as Isabel, who in her own company is able to answer 100 emails a day without losing her smile. : ).
  4. All couriers are important, but we must learn to distinguish between important and urgent couriers, according to Eisenhower’s model.
  5. There are functions you can use to save time as standard answers that you can customize or automated responses to give the first signal that the message has been received: “We have received your email, we will contact you as soon as possible.”
  6. If you have a lot of work or mail, say: “Currently, because of the large volume of emails we will take time to reply, we appreciate your patience.”
  7. If you receive recurring questions create a Frequently Asked Questions section.
  8. The support should not be (only) technical, but emotional, empathizing with your interlocutor leaves a pleasant impression.
  9. In your communication always say “thank you for contacting us”.
  10. And do not forget, what you promise, fulfill it


How do you manage the communication of your company?

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