Hotel Pilar

When entering the Hotel Pilar do not expect a reception, or a lobby but the feeling of entering the living room of a house that lives outward.

Hotel Pilar frontage

The facade of the hotel is sober but without being pretentious. At the foot of the street in the most French style, tables and chairs are arranged to observe the passage, the passage of this piece of Antwerp.

Terraza del hotel Pilar

From there, the outside is lived as a large patio (yard) that overlooks a round fountain, which is the center of a roundabout, circulated not only by cars but by pedestrians that come and go

Belgian style has always been associated with the mix, Sam and Christoph, passionate about interior design, cooking and creative management have not let Pilar become a standard proposition. 

Monster models – Hotel Pilar.

The kitchen and the bedrooms are a result of a unique blend that underscores their creative freedom.

Both of them have conceived a hotel that defies the current options.

Because Pilar is a boutique hotel, it is a house without being an Airbnb, it is classic without being pretentious or boring, it is young a fresh without being immature or arrogant.

It is also an area full of art, unique products for sale, plants that appropriate the space. 


In the food bar, the music, light and the rumor of the fountain are the perfect background to enjoy a relaxed and nutritious as well as a creative dish or drink in the late afternoon.
During my visit we chatted and took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

Arte por los pasillos

Today’s big task at Pilar? 
=> follow-up of the renovation of the fourth floor, where we are building two large suites and creating a suggestion dessert 😉
Big and small things!
Who are behind Pilar? 
We are Christophe and Sam, partners in life and business. 
Christophe has been a hotel manager for the last years and Sam is an Interior architect and has his own studio CONTEKST
We’ve been looking for some time for a project that combines the things we do and love; traveling, creating, eating, spoiling people, … 
Christophe saw the opportunity in this project, so we jumped! 
What kind of woman is Pilar? 
An energetic woman of all ages focused on taking care of everyone around her. 
The kind of woman you wanna be friends with, for laughs and serious talks, for having drinks but also working together. 
How do you want a guest to feel? 
That he/she wants to stay, hang around in the lobby or the food bar or on the terrace… Feeling free to be part of Pilar. 
I love your sense of decoration is seamless, has humour and the result is original and tasteful. Do you think creativity should be uncomplicated? 
Yes! Loud and clear! 
For things to look and feel uncomplicated is the most difficult thing, but when you achieve it then it works! 
So thank you for the compliment 😉 


Pilar is a place for the neighborhood and far beyond. 
If Pilar were a plant, will be a fern!
If Pilar were a song, will be On the radio by Donna Summer
If Pilar were a book, will be Maarten van Severen – Work (most inspirational book for architecture and beyond)  
If Pilar were a drink, will be amaretto sour 
Sam and Christophe
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