Your attitude is the product

The promotion that uses manipulation as a strategy creates a negative link with the customer, which hinders the purchase decision, because it creates skepticism and suspicion. 

More and more often I confirm how hospitality uses spontaneous and kind language, expresses itself with good wishes and does not hide any interest behind it, as well as motivating the interlocutor by making him feel intelligent and important.

n the last month, I received two sincere invitations, which I comment on below and which exemplify what I mean:

For three years I have been following the designer James Victore, through his newsletter. If you do not know him, I must tell you that he is an authentic and incomplacient type who calls things by name, likes or duels. I personally love it and I follow because:

  1. He is an intelligent and creative man who bases his work on certainty of the intelligence of others. Bang!
  2. Its contents are nutritious and pure vitamin for life (not only for entrepreneurs).
  3. It is a particular and genuine type.

He was recently promoting a creative bootcamp at his Texas ranch near Austin. Days later he sent an email saying the following (it’s just an excerpt):

You don’t have to come to the ranch or spend time with us,

but dont’ stop pusching and testing your creativity.

Don’t stop growing and playing and inventing.

Don’t stop making work that matters.

Never stop asking for more – ask for more time, more creativity and

definitely more money.

Don’t stop playing it from your heart and never stop being weird. 


This type of communication does not support the sale of a product, but a way of thinking. Defining a brand by its values and committing itself to something superior to a product is truly revolutionary. This is the type of entrepreneurs who stand out in the panorama of emotional desolation that the consumption suffers at the moment.

Ethical entrepreneurs turn their virtue into an attitude

Genuine intentions create credibility, identification of values and desire in the product or brand they represent.

In my Instagram account the_hospitality_hunter I follow many entrepreneurs in the service sector. Recently one of the accounts I follow, Lorum Old Rectory, a B & B in the Irish countryside, posted the photo below that shows the location of the place. When I saw her I was so impressed by the idyllic landscape that I could not contain myself.

My immediate reaction was to write a comment, saying:

@lorumrectory this place looks like it is in heaven. I must visit you. To which they replied:

@the_hospitality_hunter we consider ourselves very lucky. Make sure to drop in for a cuppa if you are in the area.

Bang! Direct heart attack. After this answer I wanted to take a plane and go to have some cups of tea with these people that I do not know, in that place where I have never been, just to appreciate the sincere tone and the kind attitude they had, in a simple, but for me, meaningful comment. This, in addition, is a good example of what should be the analogical treatment in a digital world. #loveit #loveitoverandoveragain.


Good treatment does not generate conflict, neither doubts nor fear, it only creates pure desire.

Have you ever felt the pure desire to attend a commercial invitation that is not filtered by interest, or obligation, or manipulation?


Look the posters from Victore Productions.


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