Which is the style statement that best matches your biz?

The concept of style is much harder to put into words than creating it.

Let’s start by ruling out what it isn’t:

           It isn’t what you wear

           Doesn’t have anything to do with perfection

           Doesn’t have to do with fashion nor new trends

           It isn’t incoherent

On the opposite end, style is:

           A mirror image of your personality

           The expression of the attributes that make you unique

           The manifestation of your true colors

           It definitely is coherence

           It is the projection of your choices

All these factors pencil in a sketch of your personality.

Certainly, this same concept is instrumental to your business. It isn’t just the appearance you display, but the look and its context of your offer and service.

Not too long ago, I discovered a new restaurant in my city. It was some kind of hamburger parlor with a distinct and an explanatory logo. I couldn’t help being curious, so I went around to check out the menu, and I was surprised to find out that they also served pizzas there. My first thought was “that’s unusual, two very different specialties from two particular cuisines in one same place?”. So, I automatically assumed it was fast food in a sit-in restaurant ambiance. One evening, I decided to enter. To my amazement, the inside was decorated in a “Mexican inspired” way. It was overly crammed with clichés about the modern Aztec and Mayan country. I was so confused by the messages.

Do not take any risk which can damage your image. To what point? Specialize in whatever you know you are best in.

Call attention to your singularity, and expose this style in your establishment. Emphasis your good qualities and not fashion or trends which seem like an easy way out.

Reinterpreting, fusing, combining…you can do it all. Developing your eclectic side is Ok, but only when it is used to distinguish your unparalleled personality. Hatch something that announces to the world what makes you You.

Your shop, or restaurant should fully own its visual identity and style. Hiding behind a curtain of an ephemeral decoration fashion is a no-go. It should reveal its authenticity and this should be effortlessly appreciated. Style is the best medium to create understanding and strengthen empathy.

If you leave all these clues out no one will realize the presence of your enterprise among the rest. Moreover, it will not be prepared to pitch your selling point to the market. Then, my dear apprentice, you will be condemned to live buried under among other standard places. Once in this category, you will find more defined ones as acceptable, or mediocre. And for your information, the risk of falling into one of these sacks of unflattering adjectives, is guaranteed. Your only way out of that dark deep black hole is being authentic, honest, and sensible.

Lack of uniqueness is the biggest mistake ever committed by humankind. Don’t sweat it… I will help you avoid this whole mess in the following post.

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