There will never be a second chance for a first impression

I came across this constraining statement while eyeballing an article and I doubt it will ever escape my thought because I believe paradoxes like these behold great truths. Impressions are not mere visual perceptions, but concepts we absorb throughout each and every one of our senses.

Let’s create a great first impression in three steps! One thing, this time I’m going to stress our assistance and not the product itself, ready?

As you may remember from my previous post, the experience is more meaningful that the place. So, this in mind, and a recreation of an atmosphere according to the lifestyle you choose to share, now comes the moment to concentrate on your conduct or better said, the way you decide to handle your client while he or she is in your business or premises. How will you treat them in order for your planned experience to occur?

Let’s simplify this by asking ourselves which one of these phrases do we want them to remember our work by:

Not bad

I didn’t like it (at all)!

I loved it!!!

The very first glance they take, the gesture they make, the words they utter, the message they receive at the very beginning… all these together are fundamental to build the bridge towards our clients. Naturally, at this point verbal and nonverbal communication come into action.

Just as mentioned the equation comes down to:

  1.   Atmosphere
  2.    Experience
  3.    Product


But how is this useful to me and my clientele?

– Bond with the humans that enter your establishment. Interact with them from a personal perspective. Be yourself. Be honest. Be unique. Be kind.

– Once you connect with these persons, give them eye contact, listen to them and pay attention to the words they use. Make sure they feel listened to with your expressions.

Be bold with your clients

– Never contradict their ideas or opinions. Let the individual express himself and assist any need he or she may present you with. You should only provide with solutions or alternatives, nothing else. AWARE: She or he must remember the experience, not the product.

Experience, an enduring memory

– When walking away from your space he or she must remember you, this is why your style statement is extremely significant. You should put lots of effort into creating the right one for you. If you aren’t sure of where to start with the design of your idyllic lifestyle… do not fret. I’ll give you some hints in my next post.

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