The experience should be greater than the space

People react to the way you inspire them to feel. It is a fact that our milieu is truly influential when it comes down to defining our behavior. New experiences have a strong impact in our inner selves which lead to changes in our decisions and heart. The moment we enter a new space we immediately seem to transform into a different person.

As this dynamic society flows around us, we are frequently exposed to this phenomenon. This drive constantly guides us to search new places even if these niches are kilometers away from home. During these explorations, we adapt and learn to code these distinct circumstances believing we’re exposed to a different environment, while all along it was only a sudden process of metamorphosing which created this illusion.

Smells, colors, shapes, sounds, and textures are weaved together to trigger new impressions. As a result, to the stimuli we discover different reactions to them like enjoyment, fear, pleasure, safety, comfort, rush, anxiety, and so on. I would like you to picture your first visit to a friend’s home. The moment you set foot in this space you come in touch with the unconnected, with the foreign within the familiar concept Home. This distant perspective you are now bound to experience drags you out of your mental-personal mindset. In this moment, we feel an infinity of sensations such as unknown, mystery, uncertainty, curiosity, respect and insecurity. Just remember the state of fascination and revitalization you implode into during those first minutes across that thin doorframe. It is the same feeling we all live before leaving abroad or on vacation to an unknown destiny. All of a sudden we turn into explorers; we leave static concepts and relative comprehension behind and jump into a secret universe of personal exploration. These places have the power to get through to us, to arouse our inner selves and it is all due to the new vibe this unfamiliar space gives off. After a while we perceive these oblivious spaces as familiar ones, but yet somewhat trivial, at the same time it seems clearer and deeper or, perhaps, in some way higher. Are we out of our mind? Not this time. We become aware of all these emotions and how much easier they are to assimilate thanks to the spark that tickled our five senses by defying us to recognize our new surroundings.

How can do I apply all this to my establishment?

I constantly keep in mind that each communication level is full of indirect messages, and, of course, that subliminal information is part of the complete the dialogue with clients.

I am going to share all three levels with you, and here they go:

  • Space
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication


What I suggest you build a worthwhile remembering kind of experience with these basic three blocks. Do not forget this while working on your project. On the other hand, forget wasting your time setting up beautiful spaces, just concentrate on designing an atmosphere which will provoke a feeling or evoke a forgotten one. It must be the ship which will transport your client into the life style you consider best suits him or her. Invite them to enter a new emotional state and encourage them to take control over their new perceptions.

Use a thankful approach, but stay focused. Offer alternatives to their reality. In some cases, you may need to help them avoid obstacles they might encounter on their ride or help them rip off baggage they may carry with them. Always bear in mind that your cliental has needs they seek to fulfill with your help or with your service. You are their guardian angel in some way.

Praise them for taking their time to find and come to you. Assist them in a way which will make them feel meaningful, it doesn’t matter what circumstances may be related to him or her, just forget it for a while. And most of all, it doesn’t matter if your client doesn’t purchase anything… today, he or she will feel calm enough to come back another day and buy something with a feeling of certainty and freedom of choice. Be sure to reassure them when they take decisions they will recognize your respect towards their wisdom which will immediately translate into happiness. Esteem and good will for one another are the magic recipe to achieve equal comfort and satisfaction.

If you expect honesty and the best of intentions from your clients this means you are fully giving them your best from the heart.

By the way, if you are interested in finding out how to boost the impact of your biz, I’ll share all my secretes with you in my following post.

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