So you want to know more about me, huh?

How can I help you?


Predicting the needs of your customers to give them exactly what they need, even if they don’t know what are they looking for.
Attracts customers that come back over and over again, looking for the effect “I don’t know what it is, but I love it”.

Giving reasons to your customers to spread by word of mouth, their experience at your establishment.

Challenging you as a person and entrepreneur to handle your life as a whole experience.


I’m not telling you this to impress you, or because I’m a Personal Coach and FIRE STARTER FACILITATOR. I tell you because under the identity of The Hospitality Hunter I train creative entrepreneurs  to define their service philosophy and because I am passionate about that and I’ve been watching since I was a child (read my story below). 



Why I know I can help you?


My mission as a person, coach and consumer is to enjoy, provide, teach and improve the service predicting the needs of my clients and their clients.
That is why I created this place, to connect, to spread perspectives and useful experiences with entrepreneurs who offer outstanding services, who appreciate good treatment and want to offer the best to their clients. 



My story

my childhood at the ice-cream parlour. My grandparents, on my mother’s side, were owners of an ice-cream parlour in one of the warmest spots in Venezuela. That family business felt like a magical place to me as a child, which by the way turned me into one most of the popular girls at school, especially once school day was over.

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I still treasure the memory of those evenings I used to spend with my gramps watching them work. They would offer samples of their latest flavours and serve ice-cream in cups or cones for those on the move. But for those few who had the luxury of time on their hands, they would prepare for them bouquets of scoops in beautiful ice-cream dishes to enjoy at the parlour. My spot was on a stool right next to the cash register, where I could silently observe the clientele. People from all walks of life would enter for our refreshing treats: excited kids,ceremoniously elderly couples, lovers seeking the perfect date, pregnant women looking to soothe an uncontrollable craving, moms with their little ones, gentlemen between meetings, and doting grandparents like my own.


I clearly remember how on Sundays it was always full. In the morning it was crowded with big families that would stop by after mass, since we were right in front of the town church and only steps away from the local cinema. This is the reason why Sunday evenings were very busy, as well. Right after the film was over everyone was ready for ice-cream. Sunday cruisers from close by towns would also gather at our place for their Sunday delight. This was when my magical hour started; the moment I secretly played my favourite game:


“Guess what ice-cream they want !”


This solitary diversion of mine was basically to predict which flavours clients were going to order. I realized that their choice of ice-cream corresponded to their likings, desires, feelings and, of course, to their budget. Sometimes I would even try going further, I would try to understand, or rationalize, why they would choose what they did. Perhaps they were adventurous and felt like discovering a new flavour? Maybe they just wanted to stick to the usual? It could also be that someone else had chosen those flavours for him, or her? Or the color called their attention? Or just because it was so hot all they wanted was ice-cream no matter the flavour? Or it was some kind of habit that comforted them? So many possibilities flooded my young mind.

Honestly, I’ve never so openly revealed this unique entertainment method of mine before. On the other hand, I have always answer wholeheartedly when asked the worldwide known question: “Sweetie, what would you like to be when you grow up?”, to which I’d proudly reply, “An Ice-cream guesser!”. This response, surprisingly to me, made so many people laugh. My grandparents working, working so hard, is what I mainly remember them by.


How they put their heart into it. Willpower, and determination made their shop function, crafting every ice-cream strictly following the recipe, paying close attention to what clients purchased, and their reactions to what they were served. They were the full-time owners, and therefor the full-time workers too. Every day, all year round.


The guests at the parlour not only enjoyed the ice-cream, but the feeling of being cared for and the attention they were given. At the time, that was something taken for granted, normal, minimum courtesy. With time, I realized how their kindness came truly from the heart, and it was noticeable in each and every detail. This was the magical touch that created the everlasting bond they had between them and their ice-cream loving acquaintances.


For many years, the ice-cream parlour was for me the scenario where I observed the performance of mere gratitude between my grandparents and their clients.

apasionada por la comunicación

Upon reaching adulthood, I became fascinated by the way communication works. Someone who doesn’t cease to find elements blessed with uniqueness. Weird that I studied Interior Design? Not at all! I can’t help being a very visual person who praises, enjoys and values detail.

I‘m  passionate about the exploration of emotions provoked by situations, persons, objects, and ambiences. I’m interested in the exchange of impressions, authentic people, meaningful conversation, globe trotting, antique flea markets, relishing a good cup of tea with a delicious piece of cake, eating a satisfying meal in good company. I also love beautiful book covers and reading magazines on creativity, design and lifestyle. I totally despise mediocrity and I admire excellence. My favourite quote says the following:



“Quality is never an accident.

It is always the result of intelligent effort.”


John Ruskin



After many years, I have come to understand the reason to my determined need to becomeThe Hospitality Hunter, a compiler of unforgettable experiences. This is why I created this space in order to connect, share points of view, and useful experiences with entrepreneurs who pursue a service like never before seen. People who appreciate good manners, and want to offer the very best to their clients.

My books



Presently I’m writing a book dedicated to entrepreneurs who are willing to apply this knowledge when dealing with their clients at multiple levels a.k.a. Customer Experience (CX). I am also a tourist guide in my adoptive city of Marburg, and a co-author of the book Marburg Höchstpersönlich and veiled by the identity of The Hospitality Hunter, I assess and train creative entrepreneurs in the services market to define their philosophy.


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